Virtual General Counsel

Juris NextGen is a full-service law firm known for its experience and skill in practice areas such as Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Right, Taxation, International Trade and Contract Law. Juris NextGen is a team of subject-matter experts, attorneys and business consultants who act as the virtual legal assistants in handling all kinds of business legal matters.

Juris NextGen provides Virtual General Counsel services in the following legal areas:

  • Business Documentation
  • Legal Research
  • Management of Business Compliances
  • HR and Employment Dispute Resolution
  • Consumer Dispute Redressal
  • Business Review and Reporting
  • Anti-Dumping Matters
  • Taxation matters
  • Debt Recovery Matters

We pride ourselves on the quality of legal services we provide owing to years of expertise and efficiency of our service managers. Our clientele includes corporate moguls, new-age startups and eminent entrepreneurs.

Juris NextGen is a market-leading law firm having focused finance practice in India. We provide financial services to serve the requirements of banks, corporate, asset reconstruction companies, finance institutions, investment banks and NBFCs.

We use a consistent and comprehensive approach to deal with the legal financial matters of such institutes and provide specifically-designed advice to our clients’ requirements. Our finance lawyers have years of experience in domestic and international transactions relating to FDI, real estate finance, debt and equity finance and regulations laid down by the RBI.