Business and Investor Advisory

Juris NextGen provides strategic advice and documentation support for businesses that future-proofs their projects, associations with vendors, employees and shareholders, and safeguards the business against risks and challenges.

Our team of legal experts at Juris NextGen have an extensive understanding of issues posed by policies and regulations and provide technical expertise and market knowledge for drafting and vetting of Corporate Commercial Agreements.

Juris NextGen’s seasoned experts use an integrated approach to distinguish the commercial and technical threats and prevent complex legal situations such as potential lawsuits.

Juris NextGen provides Business and Transaction Advisory services for the following:

  • Advisory and Documentation for Merger and Acquisition, Private Equity and Venture Funding.
  • Advisory, Drafting and Negotiation of Term Sheet.
  • Conducting of Legal Due Diligence.
  • Vetting and Negotiation of Transaction Documents.
  • Compliance with Condition Precedent to achieve Legal Closure of Transaction.
  • Drafting of Shareholder Agreements, ESOPs, Founders Agreement, etc.
  • Drafting of Commercial Agreements like Production and Logistics Agreements, Distribution Agreement, Service Agreements, Franchise Agreement, etc.